Review: Cinnamon, Belsize Park

While Belsize Park and Hampstead are relative wastelands for independent cafes –  possibly due to the high cost of the rent and the fact that the wealthy locals have big homes and gardens that they are reluctant to leave – if you walk five minutes south you come across England’s Lane. At first it looks like a regular street but if you venture along the lane, you are greeted by a number of cafes, delis and the like. Among these is Cinnamon, a Persian café and deli run by mother and daughter Mojgan and Nooshin.

Something to sprinkle of your coffee

Something to sprinkle of your coffee

Coffee – 5/5

Again, we’re given an excellent cup of Monmouth coffee.  It was a good size, hot and full of deep caramel and cinder toffee flavours. At £2.50, it shows that just because you use a high end roaster and are in a nice area, great coffee doesn’t have to be expensive.

Once again Monmouth raises its tasty head

Once again Monmouth raises its tasty head

Atmosphere – 4/5

Bright and colourful, this small café has three main areas. The pavement area is a great spot to sit and enjoy the surrounding of England’s Lane, with a number of cafes seemingly blending into one large al fresco area. Inside is the counter and a few high seats. Behind this is the upstairs area, itself split into two areas with a mezzanine looking over the café and a backroom.  It’s comfy, lively and fun.

The view from the mezzanine

The tasty food on display

Food – 3/4

Serving Mediterranean food including its signature dish of lamb stuffed aubergine with yoghurt and pomegranates, this offers something a bit different to the usual café. It also has soups, salads, quiches and baked goods.

Service – 3/3

Good family service. Always a smile and a bit of heart in it.

Extras – 1/3

Free water and some photos for sale were pretty much all this offered. The deli  food looked good but nothing out of the ordinary.

Summary -16/20

A delightful place offering not only great coffee and interesting food but a proper family feel.


Cinnamon Deli and Coffee Shop

2a Englands Lane,

Belsize Park,



Twitter: @CinnamonNW3


Click here for a map


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