Review: Scooby’s Boutique Coffee Bar, Muswell Hill

So, we’ve had bike themes and travel themes and circus themes – now we’ve got what claims to be London’s first dog themed cafe. And while a cafe for dogs would be a great idea somewhere near, say, Hampstead Heath, I’m not sure how much demand there is for one in Muswell Hill. Literally the last shop on Fortis Green Road, Scooby’s describes itself as a dog-friendly boutique coffee bar.

The last stop on Fortis Green Road is Scooby's

The last stop on Fortis Green Road is Scooby’s

Coffee – 4/5

Not only can you get an excellent cappuccino, served in awesome retro mugs, but you can also get a ‘puppaccino’, which is dog’s milk with green tea extract for your dog. The human coffee is supplied by the always top-notch Caravan and was surprisingly good for a place so canine focussed. At £2.30, it’s also a good price.

Caravan's excellent coffee is on offer for us humans

Caravan’s excellent coffee is on offer for us humans

Atmosphere – 3/5

As a mere human travelling without my canine sidekick, I actually found it a very nice place to hang out. However, it was empty and I’ve been past a few times to find it similarly empty. Even so it had a funky aesthetic with lots of comfy looking seating – though most of it was aimed at dogs. Its plain white walls were livened up by colourful lighting and neon branding throughout.

Home from home for your best friend

Home from home for your best friend

Food – 2/4

Here, it’s all about the pooches. While the human menu is fairly standard, with a good selection of baked goods and the usual cafe fare on offer, it’s the ‘hound’ menu where it really shines with Fish Bone Pies and Dogritos on offer for your furry friend.

Service – 3/3

Friendly and fast, the cappuccino was well-made and I was made to feel welcome.

Extras – 3/3

For dog owners, this place is doggie heaven. Dogs get their own mats or chairs and their own menu. Scobby’s also has toys and treats for sale as well as various events for dog owners. The whole dog-theme is very well executed and it should become a hub for local dog owners.

Summary – 15/20

A great cafe for dogs and their owners, but also for people who just love dogs. It’s fun and funky serving great coffee at a good price. It just needs to be a bit busier and bustling.


224/226 Fortis Green Road,

Muswell Hill,

N10 3DU


Twitter: @scoobysboutique


Click here for a map


One thought on “Review: Scooby’s Boutique Coffee Bar, Muswell Hill

  1. Great idea. I walk my son’s dog during the week and places I can go to very limited unless I sit outside – which I’ll only do in good weather. I’m a fair weather dog walker. If it’s raining he just gets put in their garden 😄

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