Review: The Deli at 80, Stroud Green

Another addition to the growing Stroud Green/Finsbury Park cafe scene. The Deli at 80 is a cafe/deli, as the name suggests. While these are pretty common across London, as they are a good way to monetise the space in your cafe, they are tricky to get right. Too much coffee and the deli becomes little more than sandwich counter. Too much deli and the cafe gets pushed to just a couple of stools by the window. Places like the B Street Deli get this balance just right. As does, for the most part, The Deli at 80.

Part deli, part cafe. All good

Part deli, part cafe. All good

Coffee – 5/5

While it serves Caravan coffee, so there’s no surprises with what you’re getting, they have managed to get it spot on with the perfect size, temperature, foam and flavour. A truly excellently made cappuccino and at a very good price. Thoroughly recommended.

You'll struggle to find a better coffee elsewhere

You’ll struggle to find a better coffee elsewhere

Atmosphere – 3/5

Feels like a proper deli – food lines most the walls making your mouth water as you sip your coffee. Papers are provided for the dweller but the high seats seem to encourage you not to dwell too long. While it is a deli, first and foremost, the cafe section is not an afterthought with a pretty decent seating area by the window and seating outside. However, the seating is limited and not hugely comfy, so it loses points.

Food, glorious food

Food, glorious food

Food – 3/4

Being a deli, this is more the sort of place you come to by food to go than to stay in and eat. However, the did have a good selection if nibbles and light meals including some tasty looking pies.

The eat in options aren't nearly as good as the take away choices

The eat in options aren’t nearly as good as the take away choices

Service – 3/3

It was pretty quiet when I arrived but even so the service was fast and friendly. The waiter remembered a regulars drink, which was a nice touch.

Extras – 3/3

Apart from the vast array of food and the newspapers to read while you drink, it also offers cheese and wine tasting events.

Summary – 17/20

A great deli/cafe. As a deli, it is second to none. As a cafe, it could be a little more comfy – but I get the feeling that this is not what they were going for. It has a continental, sit at the bar and chat with the locals feel.


80 Stroud Green Road,

N4 3EN


Twitter: @TheDeliat80

Click here for a map


5 thoughts on “Review: The Deli at 80, Stroud Green

  1. Ooh I like the look of this!
    Also what a brilliant idea for a blog! I plan on visiting London later this year for a few days so your blog will definitely give me a few ideas of cafes to visit! 😀

  2. Very very disappointing. It looks like a deli and has the rustic look, but ask for a sandwich from the cheese counter selection and you’ll be told you can only have cheddar, the coffee was cold and the home made sausage rolls were promptly shoved in the microwave at full power and turned to an oily steaming mush. The oven is just for show. We are locals in the area and will not be going back.

      • Maybe you’re right, I do try and support local independents, but there is a lot of variety and I have found some good alternatives near by, but I’m not adverse to giving a place a second try.

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