Review: Riley, Crouch End

Back into Crouch End and another great place – this time an ice-cream café. I heard from a good source that there are over 30 places in Crouch End in which you can get a coffee. That’s a lot for a population of just over 12,000 people. So cafes are having to look at some way of setting themselves apart from others. Riley’s idea is to serve ice-cream and (in the colder months) crepes.

Get your ice cream or coffee at Rileys

Get your ice cream or coffee at Riley

Coffee – 4/5

Riley does a decent cup of coffee. It could do with being a little more intense in both flavour and power, but it’s more than acceptable and a good size. Fitting with the ice-cream theme it is quite creamy.

I got a bit carried away and started drinking before I snapped the cappuccino

I got a bit carried away and started drinking before I snapped the cappuccino

Atmosphere – 3/5

While the building itself is very nice, with large windows at the front and a bright and airy back area lit by a huge ceiling light, some of the decorative choices are a bit bewildering. The ice-cream colours on the walls work but the bare concrete flooring, cheap Ikea rugs and bare light bulbs just don’t do it for me. As it is aimed at the family market and, what with all the ice-cream, I understand not having beautiful carpets, but the flooring and bare bulbs often make it feel a bit cold – or maybe that’s just the ice-cream.

A cool place on a hot day

A cool place on a hot day

Food – 3/4

The ice-cream is excellent and the crepes do look tasty, but they don’t stop there. They have soups, sandwiches and salads, along with the usual baked goods. They could have stuck with the ice-cream and still scored highly but I like the fact that they are offering something for everyone and all seasons.

Service – 3/3

A very personable service here. Always a smile and a chat if you want one.

Extras – 3/3

They often have an excellent gallery of photos. They are also an active part of the Crouch End Festival, hosting events and keeping families entertained.

Take a picture

Take a picture

Summary – 16/20

One for the families. Large and kid friendly, the coffee only just takes second place to the ice-cream.


32 Crouch End Broadway,

Crouch End,

N8 9SU

Twitter: @rileyicecream

Click here for a map


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