Review: The Kitchen Table, West Hampstead

London is made up of tiny little enclaves. Sometimes it’s a town, like Brixton or Hampstead; other times it’s simply a street. These are the true London secrets. Pick the wrong road and you’re in the middle of a housing estate. Pick the right one and you’re on a Lambs Conduit Street, Church Street or, where today’s café is featured, Mill Lane. An off-shoot of West Hampstead it is a leafy, village-like lane that’s currently undergoing a renaissance. A number of the older, more dated shops are making way to the like of The Kitchen Table, a small little café slap bang in the middle of the street.

Take a seat at the Kitchen Table

Take a seat at the Kitchen Table

Coffee – 5/5

Serving Monmouth coffee, this is an excellent and surprisingly large cappuccino. Full of flavour and not over-milked, this was coffee perfection. At £2.30 for a regular and £2.50 for a large, it was as good deal. Though I’m not sure what my size was as it wasn’t specified.

A generous sized cup of Monmouth

A generous sized cup of Monmouth

Atmosphere – 4/5

Living up to its name, there was one big kitchen table in the middle, covered in newspapers and condiments, surrounding by four smaller tables. It had a very informal atmosphere, but with enough personality that I’d be happy to sit around for a while. It did seem, though, that the kitchen took up half the café.

If you can't stand the heat, relax in the Kitchen

If you can’t stand the heat, relax in the Kitchen

Food – 2/4

On top of the usual stuff there was a daily special and a daily tart. I tried a chicken sandwich, which was tasty but didn’t blow me away. The side salad was just a few leaves with a drizzling of oil. A bit more effort and attention to detail could have made this a lot better.

A good sandwich with a bit of a lacklustre side salad

A good sandwich with a bit of a lacklustre side salad

Service – 3/3

Really good service despite a bit of confusion on arrival over whether to order at the counter or wait for table service. Answer – it was table service.

Extras – 1/3

Not much extra going on. There’s suggestion online that they do a super club, but their website was down so I can’t back this up.

Summary – 15/20

A great find and definitely worth the trip to find it. An excellent cup, informal atmosphere and friendly service.


37 Mill Lane,

West Hampstead,


Twitter: @kitchentablenw6‎

Click here for a map


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