Review: Kaffeine, Fitzrovia

Kaffeine is one of the big players in the central London coffee scene. It’s hugely active on social media, always busy and has a great spot on Great Titchfield Street – an area itself which is fast becoming a must-do street for all things gastronomic. They were one of the first cafes to contact me directly when I started blogging – it has taken me a while to get round to them but I’m glad I finally did.

Just two minutes from Oxford Circus is Kaffeine

Just two minutes from Oxford Circus is Kaffeine

Coffee – 5/5

You call your place Kaffeine and you’d better serve a pretty good cup. And they do. Using Square Mile coffee, the cappuccino was smooth and creamy with hints of honey flavours. It was a decent size and warm, not scalding hot. Overall, a great cup.

Square Mile Coffee and Kaffeine - a perfect combo

Square Mile Coffee and Kaffeine – a perfect combo

Atmosphere – 4/5

A bustling little café, with the usual design of bare wood and white walls. However, the seating was a little uncomfortable and it felt like a place with a high turnover of customers, not a place to stop and dwell on your brilliant cappuccino.

A mix of coffee aficionados and local workers

A mix of coffee aficionados and local workers

Food – 2/4

A decent selection of the three S’s – sandwiches, salads and soups, along with breakfasts, baked goods and even its own homemade jam. I’m sure they’re all very tasty but the menu was a bit lacking in variety. However, they do change the selection seasonally, so kudos for that.

Serves the three S's - salad, sandwiches and soups

Serves the three S’s – salad, sandwiches and soups

Service – 3/3

Fast, efficient and friendly. They came and cleaned away the tables as soon as my neighbours left. It was very busy when I went but none of the staff looked flustered at all and even managed to provide me with a glass of free water. Nice touch.

Extras – 2/3

In store, there was not much going on – some coffee bits and bobs for sale, free water and a coffee tasting ‘flight’ (not sure what this way but was tempted – no planes involved). However, searching online shows that it runs a coffee course, which includes Latte Art and does catering.

Summary – 16/20

Lived up to its reputation as one of the leading cafes in central London. A few more comfy seats and I’d happily ensconce myself here for an afternoon.


66 Great Titchfield Street,



Twitter: @kaffeinelondon


Click here for a map


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