Review: Double Shot Cafe, Covent Garden

Covent Garden is, to many tourists, the centre of London. The square around which fellow tourists gather – pausing from a day’s shopping, watching the street performers or just passing through and soaking up the ambiance. Its many side streets are filled with both excellent little restaurants and cafes and over-priced tourist traps. Double Shot Café is, fortunately, in the former category. Off one of the streets running from the central plaza, this café is a great little place serving excellent coffee.

Double the fun at Double Shot

Double the fun at Double Shot

Coffee – 4/5

Serving Union Hand Roaster Coffee, this was a tasty cup of Joe. A light foam topped the warm coffee. I’d have liked a thicker, creamier foam but it was flavourful, hot and a good double handful of a serving. It comes in Covent Garden prices though at £2.80 for a regular and £2.90 for a large.

Serving Union Hand Roasted, this is an pretty good coffee

Serving Union Hand Roasted, this is an pretty good coffee

Atmosphere – 3/5

As you walk in, you will find a nice, airy café with a tempting selection of food laid out ahead of you. There’s something of the old British tea rooms but in a good way. However, with limited seating it gets full pretty quick and your other option is the basement. Which hasn’t been done out as nicely. It’s a bit dark with a few chairs thrown in. They should have either gone all out and done something with this area or left it alone. At the moment, it’s neither here nor there.

Get a seat upstairs if you can otherwise it's the dreaded basement

Get a seat upstairs if you can otherwise it’s the dreaded basement

Food – 2/4

The usual café selection – just baked goods and sandwiches. Pretty uninspired but it all looked tasty enough.

Service – 3/3

Even tucked away in the forgotten basement, we got our coffee delivered down stairs. Good stuff.

Extras – 2/3

Live music, Wifi and a loyalty card help this feel like it could be somewhere in a small suburb, not in the centre of town.

Summary – 14/20

There’s a lot to recommend this place, especially with its central setting, but it feels like a few more tweaks here and there could really make this place one to visit.


38a Tavistock Street,

Convent Garden



Twitter: @DBSCC

Click here for a map


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