Award nomination – A blog among bloggers

When I started blogging, I had an idea in my head of what it would be like – a lonely undertaking in a cutthroat world, firing off my reviews into the ether in the hope that someone out there might take notice and, one day, would go to a café based solely on my recommendation.

However, I recently discovered it’s actually a lot more like the cafes I’m review – friendly, welcoming and with people willing to help you out. How did I discover this? Well, I was shortlisted for an award.


Coffee Stop London has kindly, after only two months running my blog, put me on the list alongside some of the coffee blogging greats for Best London Coffee Blog. You can vote by Clicking Here.

Not only were they kind enough to recognise my efforts but the other bloggers on the list have been writing about the awards, giving shout-outs to their fellow nominees.

And so it is my turn. And an honour it is. I’m not going to go all Oscar Winner speech (I’ll save that for when I actually win an Oscar) but I will say that I feel like I’m going up against the heavyweights of the coffee blogging scene with some of the shortlisted people having been doing this for many years. I am very much the new kid of the block.

So, to the awards – there are eight nominees in my category and you can vote every day for your favourite until April 1.

They are:

London Café Review (that’s me folks!)

Peter Thomson – Coffee Hunter

Brian’s Coffee Spot

100 Cups of London Coffee


A Southern Belle in London


Chloe, The Faerietale Foodie

The website has links to all their excellent and very different blogs and I’d recommend you check  them all out. Al you need to do to vote is to visit the site and click – no registering, simple as pie.

Also, Coffee Stop London has a number of other awards including Best New Café, Best Use of Social Media and Best Chain. Go vote and support your local café.

To vote Click Here.





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