Review: B Street Deli, Bermondsey


Bermondsey Street is not a street I’ve walked down before but I glad I did. When you’ve got London Bridge and Borough nearby, you might wonder why you’d take a wander down here. However, with new high-end offices being built around the area, there’s a lot of venues opening up for these office workers to visit including a Hockney Gallery and the B Street Deli. B Street Deli doesn’t look like a café from the outside – more like a flower shop. But get past the floral frontage and you’ve got a tiny yet welcoming deli/café awaiting you.

Not a flower shop - a deli

Not a flower shop – a deli

Coffee – 5/5

Great little cup of Volcano Coffee, which, according to the website, is roasted for flavour not strength. Like the venue, it was small but perfectly formed. Smooth with little acidic tastes, it has a bit of a nutty background note. It could have been a bit strong on taste, but not much to complain about. At £2.50, it wasn’t overly expensive either.

She loves me, she loves my coffee

She loves me, she loves my coffee

Atmosphere – 4/5

It’s the kind of place that makes you want to eat good food and drink great coffee. Walls of dried meats, cabinets of cheese and wooden bowls full of salad lure you in. It’s look like the kind of deli you only get in films – it’s too perfect. However, it loses a point because it’s only got a few high stools along one wall, which means it’s probably not a place to sit around for a while. However, they do open in the evening for various platters and wines.

Pull up a stool and enjoy the view

Pull up a stool and enjoy the view

Food – 4/4

Brunch, afternoon teas and evening nibbles are all on offer here. They describe it as a sit in and try deli, which sounds like a great idea. You really do want to try it all.

Get your fix of good food at the deli

Get your fix of good food at the deli

Service – 3/3

Lovely service from very attentive and chatty staff. Order at the counter and they’ll bring your coffee to you.

Extras – 1/3

It’s all about the food here with outside catering on offer. It also offers wine and is open late for ‘casual evenings’.  It also sells flowers outside. Apart from that, not much else.

Summary – 17/20

Cosy, welcoming and a great cup of coffee. If it was only a little larger it might be the perfect deli/café.


B Street Deli,

88 Bermondsey St,



Twitter: @BStreetDeliLDN

Click here for a map


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