Welcome to London Cafe Review

I’m a cliché – it is true. I am the cafe writer. London is full of us. We sit there with our mini laptops or leather bound note books and try to look pensive, like the very future of art rested on our narrow shoulders.

A cafe has always been the favourite haunt of a writer. It offers the perfect mix of cosy solitude and reserved peacocking for the wannabe Hemingway.

I have my favourite such places, mainly in Crouch End where I’m a resident (of course I live in Crouch End – I’m a up coming writer, where else would I be). In fact, since I’ve moved to the area, there has been a spike in the number of new cafes opening.

While there are a number of cafe blogs out there, there are not so many that focus solely on London. My blog will do this – with a particular focus on the north (I don’t get south of the river much).

Each review will look at the coffee itself (usually a cappuccino), the atmosphere (so key to get our writing juices flowing), service (friendly but non-invasive), food (be it a full menu or just a few snacks) and extras (from community events to live music or art). I’ll give each one a rating out of five (just five, not five coffee cups or spoons).

I’ll try and include a few pictures, a bit of background and a summary. The aim is to do at least one review a week, but obviously I’ve got a few cafes in reserve so might start with a few. If anyone has any recommendations please feel free to send them to me. Any if anyone cares to join me on this journey, I’m more than happy to share my table, but not my coffee.Image


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